Drop-in Saturday and Sunday to enjoy everything AFTERFOUR has to offer for just $15 / hour. Our weekly weekend workshops introduce children to the world of applied technology.

Ages 4+ welcome!

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

No registration necessary! Our Drop-In Programs offer the same activitives as a full day of camp. CLICK TO LEARN MORE:

Sign up for a series of in-school workshops that allows children to be creative with technology and develop their understanding of key concepts in science, engineering, energy and video game design. Students will engage in hands-on, applied technology activities that cover popular science & technology and language arts curriculum objectives.
Lunch Time and After-school courses are a standard of 8 - 10 weeks which may vary according to school schedules.

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LEGO Robotics - January 19th 2017 - March 9th 2017

LEGO Engineering - January 17th 2017 - March 7th 2017

LEGO Engineering/Robotics - January 18th 2017 - March 8th 2017

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LEGO Engineering/Game Design - January 4th - March 8th

LEGO Engineering - Jan-13-2017 - Mar-10-2017

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LEGO Engineering - Jan-12-2017 - Mar-02-2017

LEGO Robotics - January 10 - 2017 - February 28 - 2017

LEGO Engineering/Robotics - December 12th 2016 - February 13th

Video Game Design - Jan-19-2016 - Mar-09-2016

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Don't see your school on the list? Please consider putting in a good word for us with the parent council or principal at your school. We're always looking for new schools!

LEGO Robotics

Grades 3+

Students learn how to build and program LEGO Mindstorms Robots using the NXT and EV3 Smart Bricks. Students work in small groups or individually and can choose from hundreds of exciting projects.  

Coding w/ GameMaker

Grades 3+

Students learn about the fundamentals of logic, computer programming and game design.

LEGO Engineering

Grades 1+

Students learn about basic mechanical and engineering principles such as gear ratios, pulleys, and motors.