Every child has different outlets that allow them to express themselves and their imagination. The AfterFour computer program and camps have been a fabulous outlet for our son Griffin. He loves going to AfterFour and does not want to leave. When we have managed to pry him away all he talks about is what he is going to do the time he is back. 
I have thanked the AfterFour staff over and over again for the time and effort they put into their program and the children in attendance. However it's our son who thanks us every time  we can schedule time at After Four. 
Thanks again. 
Greg and Tamara Cavers.
I loved the video game design class. It was so much fun to learn how it works. I actually got to be creative and make my own stuff. The teacher was really helpful too.
Afterfour is simply an amazing educational experience. Far more than a simple Lego play centre, its caring staff teach the kids complex engineering concepts through Lego mechanisms, robotics, and programming. They give focused, individual attention to each student. Most importantly, it is great fun!!! Our son simply loves it and can't wait to go each week.
John and Sandra, Toronto.