All of our programs offer a variety of beneficial skills for children of all ages.

21st Century Skills

These are the skills which will drive our economy in the 21st Century. The various activities that students and campers participate in will develop these general skills, and other specific skills listed further down the page.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Using effective reasoning strategies. How to think through a problem and break it down into steps, how to look up additional information from useful sources needed to solve the problem.

Communication and Collaboration

Articulate thoughts and ideas clearly, effective listening and understanding of others for the purposes of working together. Sharing responsibility and workload to solve problems.

Creativity and Innovation

Using creative thinking techniques to come up with original and worthwhile ideas. Incorporating feedback from diverse perspectives. Acting upon these ideas and making them happen.

Specific Skills

Teamwork and Cooperation

Students are encouraged to work together on projects ranging from Stop Motion Animations to Lego Robots. Older students have ample opportunity to take on leadership roles to assist younger students.

Media Literacy

Students pick up computer navigation skills and shortcuts naturally as they work. They learn to follow technical and engineering instructions.

Mechanical Engineering

Students who partake in Lego Engineering and Robotics learn real mechanical engineering principles applicable to a variety of real-life robotics and industrial design scenarios.


Students who partake in Game Development or advanced Lego Robotics programming learn basic concepts of Logic, Applied Mathematics and Syntax.