Join your friends in an epic local multiplayer game of Minecraft PC Edition for co-operative and competitive fun!

Recommended for Ages 9 and up. It is also strongly reccommended that all guests have a familiarity with how to play Minecraft on PC

16 Guest Maximum Currently all activities are only designed for parties of up to 16 guests in size.


Over the course of a single party, guests will get to participate in any of the following activities:
  • Quest for the Sky Fortress: Work together with friends to find the hidden Fortress, then defeat the Guardians to claim the Treasure in this party-goers vs hosts experience
  • Lava Wall: A massive wall of Lava separates two Teams, each trying to protect their own Wool Column from burning down
  • Parkour Course: Run and jump through a challenging course full of hidden codes. The race is on!
  • Boss Battle: Join your friends in defeating the toughest baddies Minecraft has to offer! Tackle the Ender Dragon or the Wither with friends at your side.
  • Free Build: If competitive play isn't your thing, individual guests can play independantly (or in small groups) on Creative Mode
  • More coming soon!

We play Minecraft on PC to take advantage of Mods (game modifications), and to get the latest and greatest features in the game not yet available on Tablet or Console.

Create and take home a game of your own creation! All party-goers will have access to copies of each-other's games.

Recommended for Ages 8 and up

Choose one of 2 games to build:

F1 Racer

Create a custom race-track and go head to head with a friend in a race to the finish!

Mars Lander

Explore the Martian surface, collect crystals, avoid UFOs and land safely to claim your prize!

All games are made in GameMaker™ 7, the easiest and most robust program for kids to get started with Game Making! Any Game made at a party can be expanded upon at our Technology Camp or Weekend Workshop Programs using the newest edition of GameMaker™; GameMaker™ Studio.

Build your very own robot to participate in friendly competition!

Choose one of 2 projects to build:

Recommended for Ages 7 and up

Team F1

Build your own race-car and race to the finish with friends!

Robot Hockey

Build a remote-controlled Sumo-bot and compete with friends in a game of Robot Hockey!

Build a Lego mechanism AND a take-home a wooden project of your choice!

Recommended for Ages 6 / 7

For extra personalization, all wooden projects can be decorated using markers (provided)

($5 Extra Charge per Take-home wooden kit)

Choose to build either a Catapult or a Gator Jack

We've condensed our highly successful technology workshops into 2 hours of fun for events and children's parties!

We provide superior science and technology entertainment for all group sizes. Available to private, school, community and club functions in academic and non-academic settings. This is a great way for kids to be engaged in an interactive technology-based activity with their peers.

Age range: 6 - 14 (Varies according to party theme, Expand the options above to find the ideal party for the intended guests)

Party Size: 12 Guests (base rate) to 20 (Maximum)

Host a Party for:

  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Sports Team
  • Girl Guides
  • Boy Scouts
  • Clubs
  • Camps
  • Day Care
  • Camps
  • And more!
Cost: $350 (up to 12 attendees) | $15 per additional attendee ===============================================================
  • Party Basics: Paper Plates, Plastic Cutlery, Styrofoam Cups
  • Loot Bag Coupon: Every party attendee gets a $25 OFF Coupon, that's $300 in savings!
  • Staff: We maintain a high staff to party-goer ratio. A minimum of 2 staff will be present to run the party with more available based on number of party-goers or age of attendees.
  • Space Rental: In addition to the party activity, the room is full of Lego, robots, and other fun oddities

(Depending on the time of day, party schedules may vary)
  • Arrive up to 30 minutes beforehand to set up additional decorations like Banners (please no earlier, as we are tidying the room or you may intrude upon another party)
  • Party Time: Play Minecraft, Build your Game or Lego creation!
  • Meal + Cake: Take this opportunity to enjoy food and drink without getting it near our computers (Meals / Cake / Snacks not provided by AfterFour)
  • Pick-up: Parents should aim to arrive within 10 minutes of the end of the party, we may need to prepare for another party in the same day!

Which is the most popular party?
Minecraft Parties are currently the most popular, but it's not for everyone. LEGO Robotics is always a huge hit too. If possible, try to select a party which all attendees will enjoy equally.
What is the availability of parking?
There is limited parking in front of the building, but plenty available across the street at Loblaws or around the corner.
How early can I arrive to start setting up?
Please do not arrive any earlier than 30 minutes before the start of the party. We will be tidying the room and making our own preparations, and you may even intrude on another party happening before yours.
Will guests have any trouble finding the room within the building?
Over the many parties we have run, this has yet to be an issue

SAVE MONEY BY AVOIDING WASTE: From all the parties we run at AfterFour, we can offer the following advice to parents looking to prepare for the best party!

  • ONE SLICE OF PIZZA: Kids are typically so excited at a party they won't eat the same amount of food you might expect. Kids will usually be content with just 1 slice of pizza, if they even manage it.
  • KIDS HATE CAKE: Most kids get one bite into their cake, or they just lick the icing off of it at most of the parties we've seen. Exceptions are Cookie Cake and Ice Cream Cakes. Start small, you can always portion out more if they want more!
  • NO CHEETOS (Please): Many party snacks get kids fingers greasy, which makes Lego building difficult, and isn't great for our keyboards. Consider cookies, pretzels, and gummy candy as a party snack that is tasty, easy to portion, and easy to pack away if there are extras!
  • Drink Boxes: Many drink-boxes are left half-full, or a single sip is taken out of them. Consider buying drink cartons and using the styrofoam cups we offer to ensure kids get what they want to drink.

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