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Frequently Asked Questions

Students participating in our programs will build a variety of 21st Century Skills related to the field of technology in which their activity falls.
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  • Lunch
  • Snacks (2)
  • Water bottles, (seasonal) Sunscreen, Hat, Coat, Boots, Gloves
  • Because of the risk of a serious allergic reaction, sharing of food among campers is not allowed.

    We are peanut/nut free

    1 : 5 | Instructors : Campers | We Keep a low ratio to make sure campers get the help they need.

    We can take up to 25 campers!

    Our instructors are university/college students often with technical, engineering or education backgrounds. They are all well trained in our curriculum and can handle all streams of technology, and each is specialized in a particular field. They have all had police checks and are certified in Standard First Aid and CPR-C.

    The environment at our day camp is very fluid, campers move around setting up props and animation sets, building LEGO® and collaborating and sharing ideas with other campers.

    Our day camp is co-ed. The projects are not gender-specific.

    We go outside for break to the park nearby 3 times daily. All our staff are needed to supervise and safeguard the games and activities so there is no option to stay indoors. If the weather is poor or dangerous, we will stay indoors.

    Most of the software we use is available for purchase online and is inexpensive to own.

    Yes, the age prequisites for AFTERFOUR programs are determined based on years of experience and take into account many factors from reading ability to level of focus to being comfortable away from home. Our ½ day camp program is a good place to start for young campers.

    We manage special needs situations on a case-by-case basis. Many children with ASD, Asperger's Syndrome and other varying abilities, do very well in our AFTERFOUR programs and camps. Please contact us as we need to make sure that we can provide the necessary care for your child.

    Yes, our Day Camp is an open environment where all ages work in the same room. Children are encouraged to share ideas and help each other solve problems. Older children can help lead break games and take on a leadership role if that is something they are interested in. In terms of the activities, many of our technologies are used in university programs! – such as the LEGO® Robotics and Game Maker. Our programs offer a variety of challenges for all age ranges.

    Our focus is on the creative use of technology as a tool to complete a project, which is not operating system dependent. Most of our applications can have files sent home that will be viewable on both platforms – with the exception of GameMaker; games made with GameMaker can still be played on MAC, just not edited.

    Ensure you have downloaded the complete "game_name" folder which contains all the data. The "game_name.html" (or "index.html") file is insufficient.
    The Dropbox Interface updates frequently and may not look exactly as shown

    The Dropbox Interface updates frequently and may not look exactly as shown

    At AfterFour, games are made using GameMaker Studio 1.4
    Firstly, ensure you have downloaded the complete "game_name.gmx" folder which contains all the data. The "game_name.project" file is insufficient. See the above image for an example of how to download a folder in Dropbox as opposed to an individual file.
    To download GameMaker Studio, visit the following link and click the latest Version of GameMaker Studio to initiate the download:
      Download GameMaker Studio from YoYoGames
    Version Number may vary

    Version Number may vary

    No worries! We hold on to all lost belongings for a few months. To help recover your lost items, please label your child's belongings.