Easter Camp 2017

  • AFTERFOUR 416 Moore Avenue East York, ON, M4G 1C9 Canada

AFTERFOUR is a unique program which allows children in grades 1 - 8 to author their own individualized day-camp experience! Campers will be learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Math without even realizing it!

At our Day Camp, children will select projects from hundreds of exciting choices, specializing in LEGO® Mindstorms™ Robotics, Stop Motion Animation, Music Production and Video Game Design. Our highly trained instructors will help children to choose projects that will suit their age, area of interest and skill level to maximize fun and the thrill of success!


Individualized to camper based on skills and area of interest. Unique Technology driven activities in the following areas;


...And more! Our structured Activities are only the start of what's possible at camp. Campers can mix projects together to create all kinds of multi-media wonders!